Your iOs device in a Bitcoin multi-sig

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nthKey Wallet Recovery

Updated July 17, 2021

You must store the 24 word mnemonic in order to recover funds (in case your iOs device is lost or broken). But that is not sufficient for a multisig wallet even if you set the threshold to 1. In order to spend funds from your wallet you need the public key information from all devices. Additionally you need to know the exact setup used to combine them.

The easiest way to store this information is to use the PDF backup feature of Specter. If you keep that, along with the mnemonic(s) of threshold devices, recovery should be smooth.

Recovering your nthKey wallet involves two steps:

  1. (re)install the app and enter the 24 words
  2. import the wallet from Specter (scan the QR code on the backup paper)

For help recovering your other devices, see walletsrecovery.org.

In case you’re using another tool, and for posterity: the BIP 88 derivation path template used is m/48'/0'/0'/2'/{0-1}/*. Public keys for each index are sorted lexicographically (see BIP 67). This is based on the informal m/48’ multisig standard. We will likely switch to BIP 87 for future wallets. The Specter PDF backup includes these derivation paths.